The JCBEA Career Readiness Program

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The Career Readiness Program is a course that offers high school students an overview of basic soft skills, business principles, and technological skills necessary to succeed in the modern workplace.  The course, taught at Jefferson County high schools, after school, over a two-week period is taught by business leaders with years of real-world experience in the Jefferson County community. The course provides an up-to-date look at everything young people need to know before entering the workforce.

Students in the Career Readiness Program learn vital skills, from professional dress to resume writing to customer service to social media marketing, and apply what they learn through class discussion and hands-on exercises. Whatever their career goals, this course will help them build the foundation to achieve them.

Students who arrive to all classes on time, dressed in business casual or better attire, and participate in discussions will earn a Career Ready Certificate that is honored at local businesses for priority hiring staff.

There is no cost to the student for this program as classes are sponsored and supported by the business community.

What are teachers saying about our instructors? Tim Slater from Wheat Ridge High School states, "Sharon Usher was great.  She was extremely knowledgeable and her classroom experience helped her run her lesson and manage the classroom very well.  She had a lot of great information and covered everything well, including going into extra detail about the resumes. "

Are you a parent or an educator?     Find out how you can bring the JCBEA's successful Career Readiness Program to your school, or your child's school by contacting Dot Miller at or by calling:  303-885-2501.

Youth Leadership Jefferson County

                            Deadline to apply for the 2017-2018 Season is August 1, 2017


Click HERE to apply for Youth Leadership Jefferson County

Youth Leadership Jefferson County is a program offered by the Jefferson County Business Education Alliance. The program is modeled after highly successful adult leadership programs.  It is an innovative program designed to develop leadership potential of high school students and to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own community.

This monthly program gives teens a chance to interact with community leaders and institutions, explore career options, experience leadership in action, network, and broaden their perspective on community issues. 

Each monthly session focuses on an aspect of the community including business, criminal justice, arts and media, health and human services, education and government. The program emphasizes leadership skills through multiple approaches such as site tours, lecture, group discussions, panels and hands-on activities.