Career Readiness Program

Learn more about the Career Readiness Program.

The Career Readiness Program is easy to implement into you classroom at your convenience! The six classes cover a wide range of skills including customer service, financial responsibility, resume writing, networking, and more. Simple email us at [email protected] to let us know that you want the career readiness program in your classroom today.

Just need mock interviews? We will bring business professionals into your classroom so your students can practice and improve their interview skills.

My students really value the diverse, credible perspectives the different speakers you have brought in. Hearing firsthand from local business leaders and employers about professionalism, networking, communication, financial management, and business etiquette is invaluable since they know they are hearing advice directly from working professionals who value and see the potential in high school students. All your presenters have a wealth of experience in many different fields which helps my students envision how the course content will be relevant to their futures.
— Tim Slater, Wheat Ridge High School

When asked which session was the most helpful, Brady Alternative High School student responded,

Everything because I learned something new every class that I never knew was a big deal.